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Results of the LCA Survey

The Group published an article in the last issue of the RCA Magazine which included a questionnaire. Only 48 households returned the questionnaire (compared with 311 households in the previous Parish Plan survey of 2007). Nevertheless, the responses were helpful, and the LCA Group would like to thank those residents who did reply.

 The questionnaire had three main parts:
Part 1 asked four questions which allowed comparison with the same questions in the Parish Plan survey of 2007. Refreshingly, the results were very similar.

  Parish Plan LCA Survey
1. ‘Overall satisfaction with the Parish as a place to live’:   94% 92%
2. ‘Most important about the Parish’:      The Village environment     78% 72%
                                                                       Access to the countryside 70% 70%
                                                                       The Village Community 56% 66%
3. ‘Countryside around the Parish is important to me’              ‘agree’  99% 100%
4. ‘Countryside around Parish has changed’                             ‘for better’ 0% 6%
                                                                                                            ‘for worse’ 20% 34%
                                                                                                            ‘not changed’ 53% 49%

Part 2a invited residents to list the ‘Icons’ or positive features in the landscape, in a priority order. These were allocated to 13 response categories: 26 related to the ‘countryside’;  10 were ‘general’ but included ‘the Strategic Gap’; 13 concerned ‘shops, services and local amenities’; 11 referred to ‘buildings or sites’, and 9 related to ‘individual icons‘ such as the King’s Stone, Deer Leap wall or road finger posts.

Part 2b comprised the ‘Issues’ or negative features and attracted 110 comments. These were again allocated to categories. Some 18 comments were made about ‘development’ including ‘sprawl’ and ‘housing creep’. 22 comments were about ‘traffic and speeding’, 13 about ‘parking’, 19 about ‘signing’ and 6 about ‘buildings, structures and facilities’.

 Part 3 was an invitation to make general comments ‘about landscape and village features’. Some 46 comments were made, both constructive and critical.

They will also be included in an appendix to the LC Assessment which will appear on this website later this year. Briefings for residents to review findings are still being considered.

Your comments and views are welcome at every stage of the preparation of the LC Assessment. Please feel free to contact the Co-coordinator and other members of the Group.

 Alan Drinkwater
Co-ordinator, Landscape Character Assessment Group
(92- 412066)
Email Alan